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Peanut Butter Breath

Peanut Butter Breath

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Peanut Butter Breath, also known as "Peanut Butter" and "Peanut Breath," is a must-try hybrid marijuana strain that promises to deliver a unique smoking experience. This strain is the result of crossbreeding Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath, resulting in a distinctive nutty and earthy terpene profile. At 32% and with its sedating effects, Peanut Butter Breath will transport you to a state of serenity and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for unwinding after a long day.

Peanut Butter Breath is the creation of ThugPug Genetics and its popularity has inspired many other breeders to create similar strains. One such strain is “Peanut Butter Cup” from breeders Clout King. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, Peanut Butter Breath is sure to impress. So why wait? Order now and experience the difference for yourself!

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