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Seaweed Live Resin Disposable 1g

Experience the pinnacle of cannabis vaping with the new Seaweed Live Resin Disposable 1g, meticulously crafted for the discerning cannabis enthusiast. Boasting an astounding 99.92% THC, these disposables are designed to deliver an intense and unparalleled experience. Perfect for the heavy weed smoker who demands the best, our disposables come in five delectable flavors: Watermelon, Limoncello (Hybrid), Fruity Pebbles (Hybrid), Orange Sorbet (Indica Hybrid), and Grape Gas (Sativa Hybrid). Each puff offers a burst of rich flavor and powerful effects, making every session unforgettable.

Potency and Purity

At Seaweed, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products. Our Live Resin Disposables are crafted using premium flower concentrates, ensuring you receive the purest and most potent extract available. Each strain is meticulously selected and processed to preserve its unique terpene profile, resulting in a product that is not only incredibly potent but also rich in flavor and aroma.

Flavors and Effects


A refreshing delight, Watermelon Live Resin offers a sweet, juicy flavor with every puff. Ideal for those who love fruity and invigorating experiences, this strain provides a balanced high that keeps you uplifted and relaxed.

Limoncello (Hybrid)

Limoncello is a vibrant hybrid that combines zesty lemon and lime flavors with a hint of sweetness. This strain delivers a balanced high, perfect for any time of day. Whether you're looking to relax or stay active, Limoncello has you covered.

Fruity Pebbles (Hybrid)

For those craving nostalgia, Fruity Pebbles Live Resin captures the essence of your favorite childhood cereal. This hybrid strain offers a perfect blend of sweet and fruity notes, providing a euphoric and relaxing experience that will leave you feeling blissful and content.

Orange Sorbet (Indica Hybrid)

Orange Sorbet is an indica hybrid that offers a smooth and creamy citrus flavor. Ideal for evening use, this strain provides a calming and soothing effect, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Let the rich, tangy taste of Orange Sorbet transport you to a state of tranquility.

Grape Gas (Sativa Hybrid)

Grape Gas is a sativa hybrid that packs a punch with its robust grape flavor and pungent aroma. This strain delivers an energizing and uplifting high, making it perfect for daytime use. Whether you need a boost of creativity or want to stay active, Grape Gas will keep you going strong.

Quality and Convenience

Our Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are not only potent and flavorful but also incredibly convenient. Each disposable is ready to use right out of the box, with no need for charging or additional equipment. Simply inhale and enjoy the smooth, clean vapor that our live resin provides. Made with the finest flower concentrate, our disposables are lab-tested to ensure purity and consistency, giving you peace of mind with every puff.

For the Heavy Weed Smoker

Designed with the heavy weed smoker in mind, Seaweed Live Resin Disposables deliver a powerful and long-lasting high that can satisfy even the most seasoned users. Whether you’re seeking an intense euphoric experience or a deeply relaxing body high, our disposables are sure to meet your needs.

Elevate your cannabis experience with Seaweed Live Resin Disposables. Each flavor offers a unique and potent experience, ensuring that you get the most out of every puff. Discover the clean, pure, and powerful effects of Seaweed Live Resin and take your vaping sessions to the next level.

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What is the THC content of Seaweed Live Resin Disposables?

Seaweed Live Resin Disposables have an impressive THC content of 99.92%, offering a powerful and potent experience.

What flavors are available for Seaweed Live Resin Disposables?

Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are available in five delicious flavors: Watermelon, Limoncello, Fruity Pebbles, Orange Sorbet, and Grape Gas.

Are Seaweed Live Resin Disposables lab-tested?

Yes, all Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are lab-tested to ensure purity, potency, and safety.

How do I use Seaweed Live Resin Disposables?

Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are ready to use right out of the box. Simply inhale to enjoy the smooth, clean vapor.

Are Seaweed Live Resin Disposables convenient for on-the-go use?

Absolutely! Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are designed for convenience, making them perfect for on-the-go use.

What makes Seaweed Live Resin Disposables different from other products?

Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are made with premium flower concentrates, ensuring a pure, potent, and flavorful experience.

Can heavy weed smokers enjoy Seaweed Live Resin Disposables?

Yes, Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are designed with heavy weed smokers in mind, delivering a powerful and long-lasting high.

Are there any additives in Seaweed Live Resin Disposables?

No, Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are made with pure natural ingredients and contain no harmful additives.

How long does the high from Seaweed Live Resin Disposables last?

The high from Seaweed Live Resin Disposables is long-lasting, providing a satisfying experience for heavy weed smokers.

Where can I purchase Seaweed Live Resin Disposables?

Seaweed Live Resin Disposables are available at select retailers and online. Check your local dispensary for availability.