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Cookies by Berner: More Than Just a Brand, a Cannabis Revolution

Founded by the iconic hip-hop artist Berner, Cookies has grown from a name scribbled on mixtapes to one of the most recognizable brands in the cannabis industry. What started as a single strain has blossomed into an empire, revolutionizing the perception of cannabis and its culture.

The Roots of Cookies

Cookies began as a passion for high-quality cannabis. Berner, a well-known figure in the music industry and a genuine cannabis enthusiast, saw an opportunity to combine his two loves. The brand's roots trace back to the famous "Girl Scout Cookies" strain, which began the wave of dessert-named cannabis strains. Thanks to its unique flavor profile and powerful effects, Girl Scout Cookies catapulted Cookies into the limelight.

Signature Strains That Redefined the Industry

Beyond the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, Cookies introduced strains that became instant classics in the cannabis community:

  • Cereal Milk: A sweet and creamy strain reminiscent of the milk left after a bowl of your favorite cereal.

  • Gary Payton: A balanced hybrid offering dense bud structure and vibrant terpene profiles.

  • London Pound Cake: Known for its berry sweetness and earthy undertones, a fan favorite among indica lovers.

GEMZ: Where Exotic Meets Excellence

Although GEMZ is not a direct offshoot of Berner's Cookies, its dedication to quality mirrors Cookies' ethos. GEMZ sources some of its exotic buds from the same top-tier farms as Cookies strains, ensuring unparalleled quality. When you light up GEMZ, you're experiencing the same craftsmanship and dedication that Berner infused into his brand.

The 710 Labs Connection

Berner's visionary approach is not just about creating strains but also about identifying the best in the industry. Cookies' collaboration with 710 Labs, known for their top-notch concentrates, has set a new benchmark in the industry. Their combined dedication to purity, quality, and authenticity makes for a product that's a cut above the rest.

An Empire Beyond Strains

But Cookies is more than just cannabis strains; it's a lifestyle. The brand's influence is evident in music, clothing, and numerous collaborations that span industries. From branded merchandise, dispensaries, and even a record label, Cookies' impact on modern culture is undeniable.

The Dubz Garden Connection

Another testament to Cookies' quality commitment is its connection to Dubz Garden. Known for their premium indoor cultivation methods and exotic strains, Dubz Garden stands as a pillar in the cannabis industry. The synergy between Cookies and Dubz Garden is a testament to Berner's dedication to quality and authenticity.

A Glimpse Into the Future

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does Cookies' influence. With new strains, products, and collaborations always on the horizon, Berner's brand remains at the forefront of innovation. Through Seaweed Delivery, you can experience the Cookies legacy firsthand.

With every puff of a Cookies strain, you're not just consuming cannabis; you're taking in a piece of history, a brushstroke on the canvas of modern cannabis culture. Join us in celebrating this iconic brand and its indelible mark on the world of cannabis.


What is "Cookies" in the context of cannabis?

Cookies is a premier cannabis brand founded by hip-hop artist Berner. It started with the famous "Girl Scout Cookies" strain and has since expanded to include a wide variety of top-tier strains, merchandise, and collaborations.

Who is the founder of Cookies?

Cookies was founded by Berner, a renowned hip-hop artist and fervent cannabis enthusiast. His passion for quality cannabis has been pivotal in shaping the brand's legacy.

Which are some of the most popular strains from Cookies?

Some of the standout strains from Cookies include "Girl Scout Cookies", "Cereal Milk", "Gary Payton", and "London Pound Cake". Each of these strains has its unique flavor profile and effects.

How does GEMZ relate to the Cookies brand?

While GEMZ is a distinct brand, it sources some of its exotic buds from the same high-quality farms that produce Cookies strains, ensuring premium quality and consistency.

Has Cookies collaborated with other brands in the industry?

Yes, Cookies has collaborated with various brands, notably with 710 Labs, a premium concentrate producer. These collaborations reflect Cookies' commitment to excellence and innovation in the cannabis industry.

Beyond cannabis strains, what other products does Cookies offer?

Cookies has expanded its footprint to include branded merchandise, music, clothing, and even its record label. The brand's influence extends beyond cannabis products, reflecting its lifestyle-centric ethos.

What's the connection between Cookies and Dubz Garden?

Dubz Garden, known for its premium indoor exotic strains, shares a synergy with Cookies in terms of quality and cultivation standards. Their interconnectedness is a testament to the high-quality cannabis both brands represent.

How does Cookies maintain its premium quality across products?

Cookies prioritizes quality at every step, from seed to sale. This involves stringent cultivation practices, collaborations with top-tier brands, and a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Are there any Cookies dispensaries or physical stores?

Yes, Cookies has its flagship dispensaries and stores, where consumers can experience the brand firsthand, purchase products, and immerse themselves in the Cookies lifestyle

What makes Cookies stand out in the crowded cannabis market?

Cookies' emphasis on authenticity, quality, and culture sets it apart. From its iconic strains to its influence on music and fashion, Cookies isn't just a brand – it's a movement in the cannabis industry.