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Heavy Hitters: A Testament to Excellence Since 1996

Steeped in a legacy that spans over two decades, Heavy Hitters is more than just a brand; it's a hallmark of cannabis perfection. Born under the golden Californian sun in 1996 and nurtured by familial hands, Heavy Hitters is emblematic of unwavering dedication to the trifecta of purity, potency, and purpose.

The story of Heavy Hitters is a narrative interwoven with the threads of commitment and innovation. Despite the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, this brand remains rooted in its founding tenet: the relentless pursuit of the consummate high.

A Spectrum of Choices for the Connoisseur

The brand’s passion reflects in its diverse and masterfully crafted strains, notably the mesmerizing DIAMONDS and the vibrant JELLY ROLL. Each strain represents a journey, an adventure of flavors, and a symphony of sensations that only Heavy Hitters can orchestrate.

Diving into the world of vaping? Heavy Hitters curates a bespoke experience with offerings like the robust ULTRA EXTRACT and the rejuvenating ACAPULCO GOLD. For those seeking an energetic burst, the LIGHTS ON ENERGY vape pen is a radiant choice.

Edibles from Heavy Hitters are nothing short of culinary masterpieces. Indulge in the tranquil embrace of LIGHTS OUT CBN SLEEP or savor the vibrant flavors of ULTRA GUMMIES. Those craving a tangy delight will find the FAST-ACTING SOURS irresistible.

Not to be outdone, the beverages are a testament to Heavy Hitters' innovation. HVY 25 and HVY GRAND are not just beverages; they're experiences, an elixir of joy in every sip.

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How long has Heavy Hitters been in the cannabis industry?

Heavy Hitters has graced the industry with its presence since 1996

What are the standout strains from Heavy Hitters?

DIAMONDS and JELLY ROLL are among their signature strains, revered for their unique profiles

Which vape products from Heavy Hitters are most recommended?

The ULTRA EXTRACT, ACAPULCO GOLD, and LIGHTS ON ENERGY pens are particularly popular

Do they offer any sleep-specific edibles?

Absolutely. The LIGHTS OUT CBN SLEEP is tailored to ensure a peaceful night's rest

Can you name some of their edible varieties?

Heavy Hitters boasts an array of edibles, with ULTRA GUMMIES and FAST-ACTING SOURS being particularly sought-after

Does Heavy Hitters have a range of beverages?

Yes, the HVY 25 and HVY GRAND beverages are unique offerings that promise an unparalleled cannabis beverage experience

What sets Heavy Hitters apart from other cannabis brands?

Their unwavering commitment to purity, potency, and purpose, combined with over two decades of expertise, sets them apart

Where is Heavy Hitters based?

The brand has its roots in California and New York, and has been family-owned and operated since its inception

Is Heavy Hitters available in San Diego?

Yes, Seaweed Delivery in San Diego proudly offers the Heavy Hitters collection

What is Heavy Hitters' founding principle?

Their core principle revolves around crafting the perfect high, ensuring purity and potency in every product