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From Stand-Up Stages to Cultivating Strains: The Phenomenal Journey of Joey “Coco” Diaz

For over two decades, the world has known Joey “Coco” Diaz as a comedic genius, a master of storytelling, and a powerhouse actor. However, his foray into the world of cannabis, post his partnership with the renowned Zeki Genetics, has propelled Joey's 'Laughing Gas' into the limelight as a contender for the best weed brand in the industry.

His journey began in earnest on July 16th, 2021, with the launch of the “Coco” strain – a nod to his famous moniker. It was not just an introduction but a powerful statement, showcasing what was to come. Following Coco’s success, the cannabis market was quickly introduced to a line-up of strains with names as unique and impactful as their effects: Rainbow Runtz, White Truffle, Zashimi, and the crescendo, Tremendous.

Yet, Joey’s vision wasn't confined to just creating standout strains. The brand 'Laughing Gas' truly took flight when on April 20, 2023, a unique collaboration with Doggface, the TikTok sensation and multi-talented artist, was unveiled. This partnership bore the fruits “Doggface” & "Vibe King" – strains that not only became instant hits but also exemplified the brand's commitment to innovation and staying attuned to cultural trends.

But collaborations did not stop there. Teaming up with industry frontrunners like Highmind, Extrax, and Strain Chasers, Joey expanded the Laughing Gas range, diversifying into multiple cannabis product avenues, bringing forth a repertoire that promises the same happiness and laughter that his comedy ensures.

San Diego residents are in for a treat. Seaweed Delivery takes pride in housing this iconic brand, making sure San Diegans have access to the exceptional and diverse range of Laughing Gas products.

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Where can I get Laughing Gas products in San Diego?

Available at Seaweed Delivery, offering a wide range of strains and products

What marked the beginning of Joey Diaz's Laughing Gas brand?

It started with the release of the strain named “Coco” on July 16th, 2021

Are there any unique collaborations under the Laughing Gas brand?

Yes, a significant collaboration was with TikTok sensation, Doggface, introducing strains "Doggface" & "Vibe King."

What distinguishes Laughing Gas strains?

Alongside their premium quality, each strain encapsulates the spirit of Joey Diaz's comedy, ensuring an uplifting experience.

Who are the prominent industry partners of Laughing Gas?

Joey Diaz has joined forces with Zeki Genetics, Highmind, Extrax, and Strain Chasers to create his diverse product range

Which are the standout strains from Laughing Gas?

Some of the fan favorites include Doggface Crossjoint, Zashimi Crossjoint, Rainbow Runtz, and, of course, Coco

Does Laughing Gas offer products other than flower strains?

Yes, in collaboration with industry giants, Joey has expanded into various cannabis products, broadening the Laughing Gas collection

How does Laughing Gas ensure its strains’ quality and potency?

Partnering with Zeki Genetics, a pioneer in cannabis genetics, ensures that every strain is of the highest caliber

What is the essence of the Laughing Gas brand?

It's all about happiness and laughter, much akin to Joey Diaz's comedic persona

Can we expect more strains or products from Laughing Gas in the future?

Given Joey Diaz's passion and the brand's trajectory, the market can anticipate more innovative strains and collaborations