Collection: HOZ Flower by Seaweed

Welcome to the House of Ounces (HOZ) by Seaweed Delivery, where we serve up the best ounce specials in San Diego. Our goal is simple - to bring you an expansive, curated selection of high-quality cannabis flower that's as affordable as it is premium.

At HOZ, we're rooted in the belief that quality cannabis experiences shouldn't be a luxury. That's why we've designed a collection of carefully selected cannabis strains that satisfy a wide range of tastes and budgets.

From the potent, earthy undertones of Gorilla Glue to the sweet, berry freshness of Blue Dream, from the rich, complex notes of Biscotti to the crisp, apple sweetness of Apple Fritter, and the unique gas and citrus fusion of Ogees – our strains cater to the diverse preferences of our patrons. Each strain undergoes rigorous testing for purity and quality, ensuring that every puff delivers a clean, satisfying experience.

In the House of Ounces, we're about more than just affordability. We're about choice. Our expansive range caters to everyone, from the cannabis connoisseur seeking top-tier strains to the casual consumer looking for great value.

With prices for an ounce ranging from $60 to $300, you'll find a balance of potency and cost that suits your specific needs. Our commitment to offering cannabis specials and deals in San Diego extends beyond mere cost-saving. It's about providing you with a gateway to discover new strains, tastes, and experiences in the world of cannabis.

Experience the intersection of affordability and quality at the House of Ounces. Browse our collection and discover the best cannabis deals in San Diego. High-quality cannabis is within your reach. Welcome to the HOZ collection by Seaweed Delivery.


What are the ounce specials at the House of Ounces?

At the House of Ounces, we offer a variety of high-quality cannabis strains at discounted prices. Our ounce specials range in price from $60 to $300, providing an array of options to suit all budgets.

Are there any half-ounce specials available?

Yes, we frequently run half-ounce specials alongside our ounce deals. Be sure to check our website regularly for the latest discounts and promotions.

How often are new cannabis deals offered?

We continuously update our product range and pricing to bring you the best cannabis deals in San Diego. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter for updates on our latest specials.

Can I find discounted flower at the House of Ounces?

Absolutely! The House of Ounces by Seaweed Delivery is dedicated to offering high-quality cannabis flower at discounted prices.

Are all cannabis strains available in your specials?

Our specials vary depending on the availability of strains. We recommend checking our website frequently to see the current offerings.

What kind of cannabis strains can I expect in your ounce and half-ounce specials?

Our specials include a diverse range of cannabis strains, from top sellers like Gorilla Glue and Blue Dream to unique offerings like Biscotti and Apple Fritter.

Are your discounted flowers less potent than regular-priced ones?

Not at all. Our discounted flowers come from the same high-quality, tested sources as our regular-priced products. The discount simply reflects our commitment to offering value to our customers.

How can I stay informed about the latest cannabis deals in San Diego from HOZ?

We recommend subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media. We regularly post updates about our latest deals and offerings.

Is there a limit to how many ounce or half-ounce specials I can purchase?

Purchase limits depend on local regulations and availability. Please check our website for the latest details.

Do the ounce specials apply to both in-store and online purchases?

Yes, our ounce specials apply to both in-store and online purchases, making it easier than ever to access high-quality, affordable cannabis.

Can I combine other promotions or discounts with your ounce and half-ounce specials?

Our specials are already heavily discounted, but additional promotions may be combined as long as they do not violate any local regulations. Please check the specific terms and conditions of each promotion.

How fresh are the cannabis strains in your ounce and half-ounce specials?

All our cannabis strains, including those in our specials, are fresh and sourced from reliable growers. We ensure that all our products meet strict quality standards.

Are the cannabis strains in your specials available for delivery?

Yes, all our cannabis products, including our discounted flower and ounce specials, are available for delivery in San Diego.

How can I find out more about the specific strains included in your specials?

Each strain included in our specials has a detailed product description on our website, providing information about its flavor profile, effects, and lineage.

Are the cannabis deals only for recreational users, or do they apply to medicinal users as well?

Our cannabis deals are available to all our customers, both recreational and medicinal.

Are your specials only on certain days or are they ongoing?

We offer ongoing specials, but we also have specific deals that are only available on certain days. Check our website frequently for the most up-to-date information.

What is the best way to store the cannabis I purchase from your specials?

To maintain freshness and potency, we recommend storing your cannabis in a cool, dark place in an airtight container.

Can I return or exchange products I purchased from your specials?

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. If you have an issue with your order, please contact our customer service team.

Can I order your specials in bulk for a party or event?

All orders must comply with local regulations regarding purchase limits. Please reach out to our customer service team for assistance with larger orders.

How do you ensure the quality of the cannabis in your specials?

All our cannabis products, including those in our specials, are sourced from reliable growers and undergo rigorous testing for quality and purity.