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Breez was founded in 2015 with a heartfelt mission: to provide simple, reliable, and accessible cannabis products for those in need. The inspiration behind Breez's inception comes from a deeply personal story that underscores the brand's commitment to breaking down stigmas and making cannabis approachable for everyone.

A Personal Journey to Innovation

The journey of Breez began with the founders' grandfather, who was battling the severe side effects of aggressive cancer treatment. Despite the numerous studies, articles, and statistics demonstrating cannabis's potential benefits, the grandfather was hesitant. He acknowledged that cannabis could help him but couldn't overcome the deeply ingrained stigmas and misunderstandings from the era of prohibition. This poignant moment of realization led the founders to a profound understanding: the world needed a cannabis product that was not only effective but also approachable and trustworthy.

The Birth of Breez

After a heartfelt conversation and a shared vision, the founders, along with Anna, decided to create Breez. Although their grandfather passed away before he could experience the relief Breez aimed to provide, his inspiration remains a guiding light for the brand. Every time Breez hears from someone who has found relief and well-being through their products, it is a testament to their grandfather's enduring legacy.

Products Designed for Everyone

Breez offers a range of cannabis products designed to be simple, reliable, and accessible. Each product is crafted with the highest standards of quality and effectiveness in mind. Whether it's for pain relief, relaxation, or general wellness, Breez products cater to a variety of needs with a focus on consistency and ease of use.


Breez believes that cannabis should be easy to understand and use. Their products are designed to be straightforward, removing the complexity often associated with cannabis consumption. This simplicity ensures that even those who are new to cannabis can find a product that suits their needs without feeling overwhelmed.


Reliability is at the core of Breez’s mission. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to ensure it delivers consistent results every time. This commitment to reliability means consumers can trust Breez products to provide the relief and benefits they seek.


Accessibility is a key principle for Breez. The founders understand that the stigma surrounding cannabis can be a significant barrier for many people. By creating products that are approachable and easy to use, Breez aims to make cannabis accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous experience or understanding.

Product Line

Breez offers a diverse range of products to meet various needs:

  • Mint Tablets: These discreet and easy-to-dose tablets are perfect for on-the-go relief. They offer a controlled and consistent experience, making them ideal for both new and experienced users.
  • Sprays: Breez sprays provide a convenient and precise way to consume cannabis. They are available in various formulations to cater to different preferences and needs.
  • Tinctures: These are designed for those who prefer a more traditional method of cannabis consumption. Breez tinctures are easy to dose and can be added to food or beverages for a seamless experience.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Every Breez product is made with the highest quality cannabis and undergoes stringent testing to ensure safety and efficacy. Breez’s dedication to transparency and quality means that consumers can have complete confidence in the products they choose.

Breaking Down Stigmas

Breez is not just about providing cannabis products; it's about changing perceptions. The founders are dedicated to breaking down the stigmas and misunderstandings that still surround cannabis. By creating products that are simple, reliable, and accessible, Breez aims to make cannabis a normal and accepted part of wellness and healthcare.

Community and Compassion

At its heart, Breez is driven by compassion and a desire to help others. The stories from customers who have found relief and improved quality of life through Breez products are a constant reminder of the brand’s purpose. Breez is committed to continuing its mission of making cannabis accessible and breaking down the barriers that prevent people from benefiting from its potential.

Join the Breez Community

Choosing Breez means becoming part of a community that values quality, compassion, and accessibility. Discover the benefits of cannabis with Breez, a brand inspired by a personal journey and dedicated to making a positive impact on people's lives.

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What is Breez cannabis brand known for?

Breez is known for providing simple, reliable, and accessible cannabis products designed to break down stigmas and offer effective relief.

Are Breez products lab-tested?

Yes, all Breez products undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure they meet high standards of quality and safety.

What types of products does Breez offer?

Breez offers a range of products including mint tablets, sprays, and tinctures, all designed for ease of use and consistency.

How did Breez cannabis brand start?

Breez was founded in 2015, inspired by the founders' grandfather who struggled with the side effects of cancer treatment and the stigma surrounding cannabis.

What makes Breez products reliable?

Breez products are crafted with meticulous attention to quality and undergo stringent testing to ensure consistent and reliable results.

Why is accessibility important to Breez?

Breez aims to make cannabis approachable for everyone by creating products that are easy to use and understand, breaking down barriers and stigmas.

Can new cannabis users try Breez products?

Yes, Breez products are designed to be simple and straightforward, making them ideal for both new and experienced cannabis users.

What is the inspiration behind Breez?

Breez was inspired by the founders' grandfather and his struggle with the stigma of cannabis, driving the mission to create accessible and effective products.

Where can I find Breez products?

Breez products are available at various dispensaries and online platforms, making them accessible to a wide audience.

What values does Breez uphold?

Breez upholds values of simplicity, reliability, and accessibility, with a commitment to breaking down stigmas and providing high-quality cannabis products.