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Animal Face (Sativa)

Animal Face (Sativa)

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Unleash the untamed energy of Seaweed Flower's Animal Face, a sativa strain boasting an impressive 31% THC content. From the House of Ounces (HOZ) line, Animal Face delivers a powerful and invigorating high, making it a go-to choice for those seeking an energetic and focused cannabis experience. Immerse yourself in the wild and earthy aroma of this sativa strain for a potent and uplifting journey.

Lineage: Animal Face Sativa isn't your everyday bud – it's a masterful blend of genetics. Picture the legendary Animal Face, resulting in a creation that's as majestic as it is potent.

Effects: Get ready for a symphony of effects that elevate your mind to new heights. Animal Face Sativa is a ticket to blissful euphoria, unlocking creativity and focus with every toke. As the terpenes dance in the air, the invigorating aroma sets the stage for a sensory journey that leaves an indelible mark.

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What makes Animal Face Sativa Strain a powerful choice?

Animal Face is known for its impressive 31% THC content, delivering a powerful and invigorating high for users seeking a strong cannabis experience.

Can Animal Face be used for focused activities?

Yes, Animal Face's sativa effects make it a go-to choice for those seeking an energetic and focused cannabis experience.

What flavors characterize Animal Face Sativa Strain?

Animal Face boasts a wild and earthy aroma, creating a potent and invigorating smoking or vaping experience for sativa enthusiasts.

How fast do the effects of Animal Face typically set in?

Users often report feeling the effects of Animal Face relatively quickly, providing a prompt onset of energetic and uplifting sensations.

Is Animal Face suitable for daytime use?

Absolutely, Animal Face's energetic effects make it ideal for daytime activities, enhancing productivity and focus.

Can Animal Face induce feelings of anxiety or paranoia?

While individual reactions may vary, Animal Face is known for delivering a focused high without inducing anxiety or paranoia in most users.

What sets Animal Face apart in terms of potency?

Animal Face's potency is derived from its impressive 31% THC content, offering a strong and lasting cannabis experience for seasoned users.