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Zen Pen Cartridges

Zen Pen Cartridges

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Introducing "Zen Pens" by Zenganic - the epitome of vaping elegance and potency. Crafted with genuine Liquid Diamond technology, these cartridges transcend the boundaries of typical vaping experiences. Unlike standard distillate vapes, Zen Pens incorporate authentic THC diamonds liquefied to perfection. The secret to its unparalleled taste and effect? The reintroduction of the full spectrum of terpenes, harnessed from the High Terpene Extract (HTE) during the diamond-making process. This ensures not only vibrant and diverse flavor profiles but also taps into the 'entourage effect' – a harmonious interplay between the major and minor cannabinoids found in HTE.

Experience the distinctive difference, savor the rich, intricate flavors, and bask in the comprehensive, nuanced highs these natural terpene, strain-specific profiles offer. Suited for both the recreational aficionado and those seeking therapeutic solace, Zen Pens promise an experience that is both pure and powerful.

Our collection includes three enticing flavors, each in standard 510 thread, 1-gram cartridges:

  • True OG (Indica): Dive deep into relaxation.
  • Blue Dream (Sativa): Elevate your spirit with cerebral clarity.
  • Sunday Driver (Hybrid): Cruise through a balanced euphoria.
  • African Queen (Sativa): Embark on a majestic journey of uplifting energy and vibrant creativity.

Journey to unparalleled vaping excellence and find your ultimate Zen with ZEN PEN, exclusively brought to you by Seaweed Delivery.

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