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West Coast Cure Concentrates (Tax Included)

West Coast Cure Concentrates (Tax Included)

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Explore West Coast Cure Concentrates: Perfect for those seeking the ultimate in cannabis luxury, our Live Rosin Diamonds, Sugar and Badder are more than just concentrates; they're a statement of quality and refinement. Dive into the West Coast Cure experience and discover why our concentrates stand out in the world of cannabis.

Live Rosin Diamonds: West Coast Cure's Live Rosin Diamonds are a marvel of purity and potency. Created through a unique process that crystallizes rosin into stunning solventless diamonds, these concentrates are then enhanced with a terpene-rich sauce derived from the same high-quality rosin. The result is a product that delivers an explosion of flavor in every dab. Our offerings include the vibrant White Fire Bomb and the tropical Pineapple Pound Cake, each promising an unforgettable experience.

Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder: Our Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder takes the essence of premium cannabis and transforms it into a buttery, rich concentrate. Starting with our award-winning Live Rosin Fresh Press, this badder is cured under controlled temperatures to achieve a perfect, cake-like consistency. The whipping process not only ensures stability but also encapsulates the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant. Garlic Juice is our standout flavor in this range, a complex blend of spicy garlic and clove notes, finishing with sweet Papaya undertones. This badder is a favorite among those who appreciate a terpene-loaded, powerful dab.

Each product in our West Coast Cure Concentrate Collection is a showcase of our commitment to excellence. From the potent and flavor-rich Live Diamonds to the smooth and terpene-heavy Cold Cure Badder, we offer a sophisticated dabbing experience. These concentrates are not just products; they're a journey into the depths of what premium, solventless cannabis concentrates can offer.

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