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Up North Indoor Exotic Flower (Tax Included)

Up North Indoor Exotic Flower (Tax Included)

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Elevate your cannabis journey with Up North Humboldt, a brand celebrated for its unwavering commitment to premium strains. Our handpicked collection now shines even brighter with four exceptional strains: Peach Ringz, Jelly Runtz, Lavender Goo, and Lamb's Bread.

Peach Ringz is a standout with its impressive 36.5% THC content, derived from the union of Marionberry and Eddy OG. Submerge yourself in its complex aroma of passionfruit and raspberry, harmoniously balanced with earthy undertones and refreshing hints of pine and lemon. It promises an uplifting yet calming experience, ideal for alleviating stress and pain while keeping you alert.

Jelly Runtz, showcasing a potent 37.75% THC, is a delectable fusion of Hella Jelly and White Runtz. This strain teases with a cotton candy essence, sprinkled with sweet notes of strawberries and juicy grapes. It's an enchanting experience, tailored to both cannabis newcomers and seasoned aficionados.

Our newest gem, Lavender Goo, boasts a substantial 40.54% THC, stemming from its roots in Afghani and Purple Kush. This strain envelops users in a floral embrace, underscored by its relaxing, full-bodied effects – the epitome of tranquility.

Lastly, we present Lamb's Bread, an old-school sativa with a THC content of 39.25%. With origins tracing back to the Jamaican landrace, this strain offers a clean, rejuvenating high, reviving the spirit and refreshing the senses.

Every selection from the Up North Humboldt range showcases meticulous cultivation and curing. Our goal? To provide you with a cannabis experience that's flavorful, potent, and consistently superior. Dive into the Up North experience, where every strain is a journey waiting to be explored.

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