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Nimbus Exotic Indoor Flower (Tax Included)

Nimbus Exotic Indoor Flower (Tax Included)

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Introducing Nimbus: A New Sky of Exotic Cannabis Strains

Dive into a world of unparalleled luxury and aromatic ecstasy with Nimbus. At Seaweed, we're excited to unveil this brand, renowned for its premium exotic strains that redefine the cannabis experience. Immerse yourself in a journey where each puff tells a story, where every strain encapsulates a sensation, an emotion, a memory. Ranging from 31% to 41% THC, we carry 4 unique exotic weed strains by Nimbus:

Berry Fizz (Indica, 40.68% THC)

The Euphoria of Fruity Effervescence:
Unwind with the delightful intoxication of Berry Fizz. This Indica dominant strain boasts an astounding 40.68% THC, ensuring a profound relaxation that envelops your senses. As the name suggests, Berry Fizz is a melody of sweet berries that dance on your taste buds, delivering a fizzy euphoria reminiscent of your favorite berry soda, but with a kick that only Nimbus can offer.

Blue Gelatti (Hybrid, 36% THC)

A Symphony of Balance:
Float between the realms of uplifting sativa and the grounding embrace of indica with Blue Gelatti. Harnessing 36% THC, this hybrid is a harmonious blend, offering the best of both worlds. The flavor profile is a rich tapestry of creamy gelato intertwined with the subtle hints of blueberries, ensuring each inhalation is a treat for the soul.

Rootbeer Float (Sativa, 31.5% THC)

The Lively Effervescence:
Energize your spirit with the uplifting embrace of Rootbeer Float. A sativa-dominant marvel, it comes with a THC potency of 31.5%. Beyond its invigorating effects, it captures the nostalgic essence of a classic rootbeer float, combining the rich, creamy sweetness with the spirited zest of traditional rootbeer. Perfect for those daytime adventures or creative spurts.

Cherry Runtz (Indica, 30.57% THC)

The Cherry on Top:
Dive into a world of relaxation with Cherry Runtz. This indica strain, with its 30.57% THC, ensures you're wrapped in a comforting blanket of tranquility. But it's not just about the calm; Cherry Runtz tantalizes your palate with the unmistakable sweetness of cherries paired with the unique Runtz profile, making every moment a celebration.

At Seaweed, we pride ourselves on curating the best for our community. Nimbus stands as a testament to this commitment. Explore these strains, each distinct, each a masterpiece, and let Nimbus take your cannabis journey to the clouds.

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