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Camino Edibles by Kiva (Verified, Tax Included)

Camino Edibles by Kiva (Verified, Tax Included)

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Introducing Camino Edibles by Kiva, a premier choice for those seeking a superior cannabis experience. The magic begins with their unique 5:1 THC:CBN formula, specifically designed to guide you to the path of tranquility. The Midnight Blueberry flavor is perfect for those who seek relaxation and restful sleep, with its potent blend of soothing CBN and a touch of THC. The tantalizing Watermelon Lemonade is a refreshing, delightful trip to the carefree summers, promising a deliciously uplifting experience. Each pack carries 20 pieces, each dosed at a careful 5mg, totalling a potent 100mg per pack. These Camino Edibles are ideal for the experienced or those just starting on their cannabis journey, promising a tailored and memorable experience.
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What flavors of Kiva's Camino Edibles are available?

At Seaweed Delivery, we carry Midnight Blueberry and Watermelon Lemonade flavors of Kiva's Camino Edibles.

What is the potency of Camino Edibles by Kiva?

Each pack of Camino Edibles carries 20 pieces, each dosed at a careful 5mg, totalling a potent 100mg per pack.

What is the ratio of THC:CBN in Camino Edibles?

Camino Edibles by Kiva offer a unique 5:1 THC:CBN ratio.

Where can I get Kiva Camino Edibles in San Diego?

Seaweed Delivery offers Kiva Camino Edibles for delivery in San Diego.

Are Kiva's Camino Edibles good for sleep?

Yes, the Midnight Blueberry flavor of Camino Edibles is specially designed to help with relaxation and sleep.

Are Kiva's Camino Edibles lab-tested?

Yes, all Kiva products, including Camino Edibles, are lab-tested for quality, consistency, and safety.

Are Camino Edibles by Kiva made with natural ingredients?

Yes, Kiva uses high-quality, natural ingredients in all their edibles, including the Camino line.

How should I store my Camino Edibles?

Camino Edibles should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality and potency.

Can I get Kiva's Camino Edibles for both medical and recreational use in San Diego?

Yes, Camino Edibles by Kiva are available for both medical and recreational use through Seaweed Delivery in San Diego.

How many pieces are there in a pack of Kiva's Camino Edibles?

Each pack of Kiva's Camino Edibles comes with 20 pieces.