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Eureka Disposables

Eureka Disposables

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Introducing the EUREKA Fusion Distillate Disposable Vape, a cutting-edge vaping solution designed for a premium cannabis experience. This high-quality vape features naturally derived fruit terpenes that deliver a delightful burst of flavor with every puff. Boasting a potency of 80-90% THC and an impressive 86-99+% total cannabinoids, our disposable vape ensures a powerful and satisfying experience.

Safety and performance are top priorities, which is why our EUREKA Fusion Vape uses lab-tested ceramic hardware and heavy-metal free technology for a smooth and consistent draw. Plus, the built-in rechargeable micro-USB port allows you to keep your vape ready for use anytime, anywhere.

Each disposable vape contains 1 gram of premium-quality distillate, making the EUREKA Fusion Distillate Disposable Vape the perfect choice for those who value both convenience and exceptional performance.

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