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Connected Exotic Flower (Tax Included)

Connected Exotic Flower (Tax Included)

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Welcome to the exclusive realm of Connected Cannabis Co's flower collection, brought to you by Seaweed Delivery. At Connected, the pursuit of perfection in cannabis cultivation is more than a mission; it's a passion. Known for their best-in-class genetics and the highest quality flower, Connected represents the zenith of cannabis connoisseurship.

Every bud from Connected Cannabis Co is a masterpiece of cultivation, carefully nurtured from seed to sale. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in the exceptional potency, complex flavor profiles, and pristine trichome coverage of their flowers. With each strain, Connected delivers not just a product, but an experience that resonates with both the seasoned aficionado and the curious newcomer.

By choosing Connected Cannabis Co through Seaweed Delivery, you're not just purchasing cannabis; you're embarking on a journey of discovery, where quality, innovation, and sophistication meet.


Bad Apple Bad Apple, a standout strain by Connected Cannabis Co, embodies the essence of premium cannabis. Known for its robust and complex flavor profile, this strain is a harmonious blend of sweet and earthy notes, finished with a subtle hint of sour apple. It's a potent choice, offering a profound, full-bodied experience that's both relaxing and invigorating. Perfect for those seeking depth and intensity in their cannabis journey, Bad Apple is a testament to Connected's mastery in strain development.

Cherry Pie Cherry Pie from Connected Cannabis Co is a delightful fusion of sweet and tart flavors, reminiscent of the classic dessert. This strain captivates with its bright, fruity aroma and a hint of earthy undertones. Its balanced effects make it a versatile choice, providing a soothing, yet cerebral experience. Ideal for unwinding after a long day or fueling creative endeavors, Cherry Pie is a perfect example of Connected's commitment to creating memorable and enjoyable cannabis experiences.

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