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California Honey Disposables (Tax Included)

California Honey Disposables (Tax Included)

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California Honey Premium Live Resin Disposables - Purple Punch Indica

Dive into Flavorful Euphoria with Every Pull

Introducing California Honey's premium live resin disposable, an experience that promises purity, potency, and unparalleled flavor. With Purple Punch Indica as the star of this show, users are guaranteed a delightful journey that's both relaxing and uplifting.

Purple Punch Indica: This strain boasts a sweet grape candy aroma mixed with a touch of blueberry muffins. As a powerful indica, Purple Punch not only delivers a rush of relaxation to the mind and body but also lulls users into a tranquil state with its 83.7% THC content.

Each disposable comes with 0.35 grams of live resin, designed for on-the-go convenience. No need to worry about charging or misplacing your vape pen again, thanks to the built-in battery. Just open, inhale, and let the flavors carry you away.

But the true charm lies in its price. For only $25, you can dive into a world of live resin that promises nothing but the best in terms of quality and taste. The value you get for this price is truly unmatched, making it a must-try for both newbies and connoisseurs alike.

When it's California Honey's live resin, every hit is a trip to cannabis paradise. Revel in the burst of grape, berry, and earthy undertones as the Purple Punch Indica takes you on a flavorful journey you'll never forget.

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