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Ape Exotic Flower w/ Built in Grinder!

Ape Exotic Flower w/ Built in Grinder!

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Ape presents its Exotic Flower Collection, a lineup of premium cannabis strains crafted for the discerning enthusiast. Each 1/8 jar not only contains some of the most potent and exotic strains on the market but also features a built-in grinder for unparalleled convenience and freshness. Cultivated with expertise, Ape's cannabis flowers boast high THC levels, stunning visuals, and exquisite flavor profiles.

Strain Descriptions:

  • Grapes and Cream (32% THC, Indica): Indulge in the creamy, fruity bliss of Grapes and Cream. This strain offers a unique taste of creamy vanilla and bright grape, complemented by a spicy grape aroma. It's ideal for creative endeavors and those seeking a light, appetite-stimulating experience.

  • High Octane (35% THC, Sativa-Dominant Hybrid): Experience profound relaxation with High Octane. This hybrid, leaning towards Indica, is known for its 'couch-lock' effect, making it perfect for those dealing with chronic pain, insomnia, or appetite loss. Enjoy its lasting physical calm alongside a satisfying mental state.

  • Alien OG (34.81% THC, Hybrid): Embark on a cosmic journey with Alien OG. This balanced hybrid is renowned for its potent cerebral euphoria and full-body relaxation. It's ideal for dispelling stress, chronic pain, and fatigue, offering a sweet and sour citrus flavor with an earthy aroma.

  • Marshmallow OG (37.40% THC, Indica-Dominant Hybrid): Savor the sweet, fruity, and vanilla notes of Marshmallow OG. This Indica is perfect for evening use, providing a happy onset followed by relaxation and increased appetite. It's a great choice for unwinding before bed.

Built-In Grinder Feature: Every jar in Ape's Exotic Flower Collection comes with an innovative built-in grinder. This unique feature ensures that you can conveniently grind and enjoy the freshest buds directly from the same jar. It's a testament to Ape's commitment to delivering not only potency and flavor but also unmatched convenience.

Choose Ape's Exotic Flower Collection for a premium cannabis experience – potent, fresh, and easy to enjoy.

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