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Alien Labs Exotic Flower (Tax Included)

Alien Labs Exotic Flower (Tax Included)

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Ready to taste the rainbow? Alien Labs Zkittlez exotic indica dominant weed strain is here to bring some color to your cannabis collection. This isn't just another strain; it's cross of Grape Ape and Grapefruit leaves a fruity fiesta in your mouth, packing a potent punch with a THC level that's through the roof (we're talking 37% THC!). Grown indoors with care, Zkittlez is all about top quality and big flavor. Expect a sweet, candy-like aroma that'll have you coming back for more. Perfect for kicking back after a long day, this strain is your ticket to chill town with a side of happy vibes. Go on, treat yourself to some Zkittlez and let the good times roll!

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